Info 'F1_20xx' file

The formula1_20xx file is a file that becomes, with a relative small amount of data to enter,
a complete yearbook about the running season.

To read the complete story of the development; Read the development.

Each year I personally take care of the basic data for the circuits, the teams and the drivers,
after that the users/members only have to enter relative few information themselves to complete the database.

If you request the file you'll receive the file,
and a small reminder after a period to let you know that you haven't subscribed as member,
but no further mail.
(The only exception will be if there appears to be a major error in the file which effect the file.)

If you subscribe immediately as member you give me permission to send you more mails from time to time.
most of the mail contain a link to the update file to add changes to the file
(if I discover an wrong number or if a driver quits and is replaced by another.

The file may be freely spread, just like the subscription as member won't cost you anything.
I do ask you however, if you pass on the file to friends, family or colleagues, if they also will considering to subscribe as member,
this can be done by the link below, or through the page 'Spreadsheets'.

To request the latest version of the file or subscribe to become a member: Use the form.