How did the file develop?


This is the 20th edition of my file

Position changes (Qualification -> Grid and Rankings for the championship
will be shown with red and green


Starting in 2017 I make use of the .xlsm filetype.
Also a lot of names are added to cells or ranges, which makes the working of formulas easier.

for 2018 zthere are little changes, so you find a new trackrecord on the indexpage as well.
Some imrovements are made to conditional formating and sizes of cells.


For 2015 the historical database has been extended.

For 2016 very little changes are made.


For 2012 not a lot of changes were made, the file has been extended though, to make it possivle to enter 4 reserve drivers.

For 2013 not much new.
I tried to make the conditional formatting working in all versions of Excel.
The website has improves, 'old' functions have been removed like 'tables'and 'iframes'

For 2014 again not much news.
The file has been extended to be able to contain up to 25 races per season.


For 2011 there has been a lot renewed.

The website has slightly been changed, with a new header-image and mostly build with the possibilities of HTML5
Most moderne browsers will show the site as I intended.

All files will be available as installer. With this they are installed in their own folder.
Besides that there is an application (F1 in spreadsheet starter), that will be in the same folder, with which all files can be downloaded and opened, but you can also use it to visit the website or send me mail.
The installer of F1 in spreadsheet starter also creates a folder in the start menu and a shortcut on the desktop.

the file opens with only the splash-screen visible, or when disabled, full-screen

The indexpage is formatted differently, the calendar shows the pole-sitter, fastest lap driver and winner.

More information has been added, like with the qualifications, all sessions will be visible there.

The datasheet and update are also only visible as little screens, which will show a progressbar.


For 2010 not much has changed, the list with drivers coureurs on the page rankings contain all drivers, even if you don't see them when they haven't been driving a race.


For 2009 not much has changed, I've simplified the index page and the difference in times with the qualifications have been removed.

But I did put the new site online prior to this season (this one), not high-tech, not flashy, But I'm not a real site builder after all.


For the season 2008 I've tried to add an Italian translation.

Because you can close the startup screen without making a choice, it can happen that you end up on a blank grey page, without being able to go anywhere, that's why I added buttons and an image to the title page.

The buttons I use are again made of Autoshapes, now in Office 2003 style, this is more flexible for the work I do.

The menu form has been removed and the buttons are on the index page now to reduce mouse clicks.

On the index page an active race calendar is added, with that you can see when the next race is whilst opening the file.

After some experimentation I've made it possible to start the Datasheet and the update from within the large file, by means of 2 buttons in the index.

At last there are 2 pages added with historical results and historical rankings where you can find all important results back to 1950.


Because resolutions of screens are increasing, and I can't build a worksheet is such a manner that all is centered properly on each resolution I've created a startup screen in VBA, it contains buttons for language choice, website, mail and menu.

A part of the navigation is placed on a menu form, it looks professional.

The fields with colors for tire brand have been removed, there is just 1 manufacturer, and they didn't function properly.

By the idea of a user a fill out screen has been added, with that you can enter the data by hand en with one mouse click put it in the proper position in the file.

With the qualification results a list with the grid positions is added, with arrows to show if a driver is higher or lower on the grid because of a penalty.

The showing of the race results has been completely changed. Now you can see the gathered points, the sum of the points, the track record, the fastest lap and if a new track record has been achieved, but also if the world champions are known.

The lists with the rankings in the championship are put together in 1 page, now you see the actual rankings in one blink of the eye. The order in these lists is also based on the number of 2nd places, the number of 3rd places etc.


Again an addition and some changes.

The results of all free practices can be entered, but that's only for the real diehards.

The way the information of the free practices and the qualification results/grid positions is shown has been changed. Now you can choose for a circuit or session at the top of the page, and a table with results is shown. The table is as large as needed for the present info, which can vary depending on the choices made.

Just such a table is shown for the qualification results/grid positions, where with the grid positions a red square can pop up at the end of a drivers line, to make clear the he is at a lower position than he is supposed to. (this can be because of a time penalty or because of the 2006 qualification format)

I've also managed to put all circuit/team/drivers data onto only one page, and show them on one other, this is mostly for my own benefit, because it makes it easier for me to make corrections.


As wrote before this season also has brought some changes to the file.

On requests by some members I've added some extra pages. By use of the buttons you find yourself in a sort of loop passing the data entry pages
The first one is almost a copy of the page with the race results, but here the qualification results are entered. The second one is a page where only the pole time has to be filled to make the file work, but is interesting for the statistic diehard to enter all. On this page are the names of the drivers in order of the qualification results, behind that there is a cell with the brand of tires used, then the teams followed by a column where the qualification times can be entered, after which the difference with the pole is shown as well as the speed.

On the page with the fastest laps the brand of tire is shown, and with a new track record a colored cell appears.

At the pages of the circuits the pole for the last season is added, and the man on pole for this season is filled as soon as the results are entered.

At the pages of the teams and the drivers the best Qualifying position up to now is entered, and the best seasons qualification is automatically changed. Besides that a extra row is added with the best seasons finish result.


Even for the season 2004 I've made some changes. The manual and fill-in sheet have been removed. They are now a separate file for new users. Existing users can use the ones in the version of 2003.

New is the list with champions at the drivers back to 1950 and for the constructors back to 1958. Also the file is prepared for driver changes, so that with little adjustments the file can be updated.

During the season it will appear if the file is finally ready. (I don't think so, because I always think of something that can be added or can be done more handy.)

Also this season the datasheet is automated, so the data can be entered with 1 of 2 clicks.

I even tried to make the file work in other spreadsheet- applications, but that turned out to be impossible, because of the missing of some functions or the different way that programs reacts to the formulas used, compared to Microsoft Excel.


In 2003 I changed the file in a way that almost everything is calculated automatically, it contains a startup-page, a manual page, a fill-in sheet (to be used during the broadcast) and the sheet of 2002, with the teams and drivers of 2003 off course.

I updated the macro, so that it sorted the lists without clicking a button. Also I'd entered lots of formulas to calculate every single piece of data for the circuits, teams and drivers, like a new track record, best finish position of a team or driver, number of poles, number of fastest laps and wins.

The size of the file had increased a great deal. I only had to enter the finish positions, the name and time of the driver on pole and the name and time of the driver with the fastest lap.


So in 2002 I created sheets for every circuit, team and driver. This made it possible for me to show pictures for whatever I wanted to show.

This file also contained a macro to sort the lists of the driver championship as well as the constructors championship, but only by clicking a button.

Everything worked like it should, but all data had to be filled by hand. The amount of information I had to enter had increased enormously, so something more had to happen.


It all started with a small example from a computermagazin.

In the first file I only entered the finishing positions for the drivers, and the file calculated the sum of points each driver or team gathered. But the list stayed in the order I first entered it, so the leader in the world championship could be located at the fifth row or so.

I wasn't pleased with the information provided by the file so I entered remarks for every circuit, team and driver. But even that wasn't enough because I couldn't place pictures inside of the remarks.